Make Your Life Successful

Let's work together to practice and preach Krishna consciousness more effectively.

We help devotees to boldly follow their dreams, live abundantly and make a massive difference using their individual talents and inspiration in a Krishna conscious way.

Our vision is to create a network of devotees who work together and support each other to expand the Hare Krishna movement in innovative ways 

On the Successful Vaisnavas podcast we interview devotees doing inspiring things. 

We run online courses on a range of topics that help devotees practise and preach Krishna consciousness and we help devotees make a business sharing their knowledge by creating and promoting online courses and membership sites.

Our online community helps Hare Krishna devotees practise and preach Krishna consciousness in today's world using proven principles, expert coaching and collaboration with devotees from all over the world.

MAYAPUR Success Formula

The MAYAPUR Success Formula is a 7 part formula that helps devotees achieve success in whatever they do. It is based on the Nectar of Instruction, emphasizing personal development and cultivating the right mindset to advance in Krishna consciousness.

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