SV33-Parenting Teens in Krishna Consciousness with Madhurika devi dasi

Growing up as a teen today is a challenge. It is also a great challenge for parents of teens. In today’s interview with Madhurika devi dasi we discuss key ideas for equipping and inspiring teens to become happy Krishna conscious adults.

Check out this episode where we cover:

  • should we force our teens to practise Krishna consciousness or leave them to choose for themselves… or something else?
  • the importance of Krishna consciousness experiences
  • how to be empathic with our teens
  • the importance positive adult association
  • how to make Krishna consciousness cool
  • does it really take a village to raise a child? – what do if you live in a small community
  • how to manage living in a large diverse community
  • and more…

In this episode we mentioned the following links:

PARENTING DEVOTEE TEENAGERS (things I am learning while on the job)
Culture Crossing: Krishna Kids in the Material World
Two great articles by Madhurika devi dasi about parenting teens in Krishna consciousness.
One day event on 25th December to spread the glories of Bhagavad-gita all around the world.
Training on all topics related to Krishna consciousness along with community. Class on learning slokas to be added soon.
Guided online class for memorizing groups of slokas.

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