Song: Stand and Serve – Do What You ❤️ For Lord Chaitanya (Updated June 2018)

On the long flight back from the Experts Academy seminar (2012) in the US, I got inspired to write a rap song.

(The song is to inspire each member of the Krishna consciousness movement to take initiative and using their own unique talents do something great for Lord Caitanya’s mission. The lyrics are below the video.)

So, I put on a beat and just started writing.

While I was in transit in Sydney, I quickly recorded the lyrics into my iphone before I could forget the timing and rhythm.
Eventually, I created some music and got the track produced.
 Here’s a quick video I made to go along with the song.
[Update: 28 June 2018]
I created a remix and a new video shown below.
There is a new female vocal and a few live video clip added tot he video to keep it interesting.
I think it sounds WAY COOLER with the new vocal… so do my kids and their friends… 🙂
What do you think?
Make sure to read the description.. there is an important message there.

If you can’t see the description on mobile…
Here is the link to the video on Facebook:


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If you are interested in learning how I created, produced and published the rap from start to finish, then let me know in the comments below.
If there is enough interest I might create some training to document the process.

 Stand and Serve-1400x1400

Here are the lyrics:

Each one of us is unique. There’s no doubt.
How you’re special we must find out.

To live to love to learn to make a difference

Time to break thru the resistance
That’s holding us back from living our dreams
Maybe it’s not as simple as it seems
But a worthy goal one to strive for

To leave a legacy It’s not heresy
Be bold for Krishna was Prabhupada’s call

It’s a message that’s meant for us all.
Not just the leaders swamis and gurus
It’s also for you because we always knew you
Had so much to offer, so much talent.

Time to fan it.
Get a fire burning in your soul
Do it now before you get old
Don’t waste a minute more of your life

Pick the fruit while it’s still ripe.
Its sweet and juicy and full of flavour.
There’s no doubt there’s no other way to
live your life and be satisfied.

We’re all here so we can serve.
Now I challenge you do you have the nerve
To step up.

“Get up. Stand up. Stand up for your right.”
You have the right to serve the Lord
It is more satisfying than you ever thought

Empower your life. Discover your talents.
Live in your strengths. Be valiant.
Take the best in you and let it shine.
Let’s work together because now its our time.

“Its your time. Its your time”

Time to shine, time to fly, time to serve.

Do what you love for Lord Chaitanya.
It’ll satisfy your soul.

Take the best in you and the best in me,
Working together. You’ll see
We can overcome frailties

Like sticks in a bundle we will be strong.
Success will come it won’t take long.

Do what you love for Prabhupad
He will be pleased. It’s not real hard.

Krishna wants to see our desire
To the end of our life we will never retire
From serving Him and serving his devotees
Tirelessly coz we always know he’s
looking out for us in every way
so we can feel peace each and every day.

Do what you love for Lord Chaitanya.
It’ll satisfy your soul.

Now you’re serving His mission so what’s missin.

Let’s find out what is holding you back
Deal with it then get back on track.

Focus your energies. Get into action.
Find some partners. Generate traction.

What is going to be your contribution?
Not part of the problem. Become the solution.

What you can achieve within a year
May not be much but do not fear
When you fix your mind and focus

No more hocus pocus
Within 5 years or maybe 10
What you can achieve will have no end
It will have no limit.
You just have to decide to get in it.

You’ll be amazed by what you can achieve
Within 10 years you will hardly believe
The amazing things that you have done

It won’t feel like work it will be fun.
When you’re doing what you love
Steady and focused on the Lord
Incredible things will begin to unfold.

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  • June 28, 2018
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