11 Bhrigupati Prabhu-Warp Tour

Bhrigupati in motor home copy-rotatedIn this episode I caught up with my old friend and long-time book distributor, Bhrigupati Prabhu as he drove me to the airport in Los Angeles.

Bhrigupati Prabhu has been distributing books ever since he joined the Hare Krishna movement in the early 70s and is still going strong after 40 years.

During our 20 minute drive he shared about the Advanced Warp tour and his “sharing the love” philosphy of preaching: 

This conversation is full of practical and inspiring ideas.

As a bonus I’ve also included a short video where Bhrigupati Prabhu shares his secrets to being a successful book distributor (or successful anything actually.) It’s less than four minutes and his tips are very valuable and relevant for everyone – book distributor or not. 

Once you’ve listened to the conversation and watched the video leave a comment below and share your thoughts. How will you put into practice the ideas he shared?

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