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How to attract more Westerners to the Krishna consciousness movement

The problem Today many devotees are lamenting that not many local people are becoming devotees in Western countries such as England and America. While the movement has continued to grow in India and though expanding Indian congregations in the west, Srila Prabhupada primary mission of giving Krishna consciousness to the people of the Western countries […]

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19-Madri-Witness to a Temple

In this episode with Madri devi dasi we hear… How she went from using computers in the 1960s that work by turning handles and programming computers the size of football fields… to eventually writing the history of Sri Sri Radha Giridhari in Auckland The advice that her daughters ignored which led her to Krishna Consciousness […]

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16 – Pierre Edel – The Voice

In this episode with Pierre Edel (Premamaya Vasudeva dasa)… Hear the story of how a young musician from Paris, covered in tattoos became a devotee in Moscow and went on to get 10 million+ views on his video Find out about the special deal he made with Krishna in Mayapur and how it played out […]

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I Don’t Know My Name – Grace VanderWaal

The first question in spiritual life is “Who am I?” I took this “Finding my Identity” theme from a song that is currently popular and made a music video for it that includes some subtle (or not so subtle lol) Krishna consciousness. Let me know what you think of it in the comments.

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  • July 10, 2016
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What are the Main Challenges Devotees Face Today?

A while back I sent out a survey. If you were one of the people who filled it out… Thanks! The response has been fantastic and the results have been really interesting (and  a little surprising also!) The survey revealed four main challenges that devotees are facing right now. Can you guess what they are?

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  • December 28, 2014
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Move it – Turn on your brain

Looks like dancing in kirtan might help you concentrate in class, in your japa, and in your work. (See the infographic below.) Studies show that aerobic exercise not only makes you feel better and concentrate better, it might even slow down the aging process in the brain. Aerobic exercise is the when you move the […]

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012 Krishna Conscious Rapper Mikey Jay

Mikey Jay Krishna conscious Rapper

In this episode we interview Krishna conscious rapper Mikey Jay ( Mikey is working on a project to create an album presenting the philosophy of Sri Isopanisad through rap and hip hop music. I have already watched some of the videos he has produced for the first two tracks and I am impressed. Here is Mikey Jay […]

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