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SV35-Transition from Childhood to Adulthood in Krishna consciousness with Urmila Devi Dasi

In this interview we discuss Krishna conscious education, specifically helping our children successfully transition from childhood to adulthood. Topics we cover: Śrīla Prabhupāda’s instructions on education especially for youth, traditional education,  the importance of academics, mangalarati for kids residential schools marriage inspiring our children to continue Krishna consciousness throughout their life and more…  Here is […]

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SV34-Bring People to Krishna consciousness in the West – Bhadrasena Prabhu

In this interview with Bhadrasena Prabhu we discuss The Loft approach to sharing Krishna consciousness in the West. We also discuss how the Vedic Contemporary Ashrama fits into that strategy. Some of the topics we cover.. Challenges typically faced by men today as they become devotees How to help devotees deal with different issues as […]

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SV32-Why it is easier to learn a whole chapter than it is to learn one verse

Learning many slokas at once is easier than learning one at a time… Don’t believe me… Check out this episode where we cover: the most effective time-tested technique for learning slokas why small children should learn many slokas… and why it doesn’t matter if they don’t understand them how to use “muscle memory” and “musical […]

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SV31-Becoming Your Devotee – Krishna Conscious Activities for Kids with Gourangi Gandharvika

Gourangi Gandharvika is a second generation devotee from Mayapur who has created the most amazing activity book for children. In this episode we cover: what inspired her to create the book what it was like growing up in Mayapur how a team of young devotees helped her create the book the challenges she faced publishing […]

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Strengthen Our Sadhana Challenge

As we come towards the end of Kartik, it is time to think about how we can continue the momentum in our spiritual life even after this auspicious month. With this in mind I have arranged a live Strengthen our Sadhana Challenge for the last 5 days of Kartik. It is completely free. There will […]

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SV-30-Entrepreneurship in Krishna consciousness with Ajita Prabhu (Avelo Roy)

In this episode we interview Ajita Prabhu (Avelo Roy) a very successful devotee entrepreneur. He shares his story and the place for entrepreneurship in the Hare Krishna movement. Correction: Ajita Prabhu is initiated by Romapada Swami For ideas for how you can generate more income in a way that supports Krishna consciousness go to […]

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Time Sensitive-Profitable Preaching Five Day Challenge

The Profitable Preaching 5 Day Challenge —Share Mahaprabhu’s Mission and Prosper Thursday 16th- Monday 20th July (EST) I will be running a 5 Day Challenge starting this week… It is about how devotees can use principles of business to generate income in a way that is compatible with Krishna consciousness and to preach effectively. Over […]

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26 – Boiling the Milk

This episode, I’m going solo talking about boiling the milk. The basic concept here is the importance of taking care of devotees and training them. Looking after the devotees we have rather than just going out and making new devotees. Some of the key points I talk about: 8:32 What does boiling the milk mean? […]

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25-Creating Leaders, Taking Initiative and Krishna West with HH Hridayananda Maharaja

This episode we’re interviewing His Holiness Hridayananda das Goswami about preaching in the West and taking initiative to spread Prabhupada’s movement. Some of the topics we cover: How the movement has changed… Why we need to create leaders not followers… The extreme importance of acting according to our nature… What it means to be an […]

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