29-Successful Relationships with Jaya Sila dasa and Vimala devi dasi

In this episode, we’ll be interviewing Jaya Sila Prabhu and Vimala Mataji about Relationship Rescue Remedy. This powerful 5 Drop Formula gives tools for managing conflict and ensures successful relationships.

Relationship rescue remedy

I’ve personally worked with Jaya Sila and Vimala on this program from the very beginning and can vouch for its effectiveness.

Jaya Sila and Vimala discuss:

  • What prompted them to write the book.
  • What it was like as a grhastha in ISKCON in the early days.
  • The big shift that saved their marriage
  • How they use the 5-Drop Formula to this day and how you can use it too

It is my great pleasure to introduce Jaya Sila and Vimala and the Relationship Rescue Remedy 5 Drop formula.

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