SV34-Bring People to Krishna consciousness in the West – Bhadrasena Prabhu

In this interview with Bhadrasena Prabhu we discuss The Loft approach to sharing Krishna consciousness in the West. We also discuss how the Vedic Contemporary Ashrama fits into that strategy.

Some of the topics we cover..

  • Challenges typically faced by men today as they become devotees
  • How to help devotees deal with different issues as they take up bhakti
  • The importance of mindset and habits.
  • The difference between a Westerner and someone with a Western mindset.

If you are interested in helping new people take up Krishna consciousness I highly recommend checking out this interview.

In this episode we mentioned the following links:
Bhadrasena’s Presentation: The Simple Shift for Supercharged Sadhana
Loft Yoga Lounge – Western outreach preaching centre in Auckland

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