Time Sensitive-Profitable Preaching Five Day Challenge

The Profitable Preaching 5 Day Challenge —Share Mahaprabhu’s Mission and Prosper

Thursday 16th- Monday 20th July (EST)

I will be running a 5 Day Challenge starting this week…

It is about how devotees can use principles of business to generate income in a way that is compatible with Krishna consciousness and to preach effectively.

Over 5 days we will build a blueprint to:

  • create a profitable business based on Krishna consciousness.
  • preach in a way that is financially sustainable
  • generate income for yourself and devotees involved in your project
  • create a lifestyle that supports Krishna consciousness
  • expand your impact and grow your preaching project

Tentative Daily Schedule (Might change):
1: Why finances are important for devotees.
2: Key concepts

  1. POSTIE Strategy for quickly launching a profitable business
  2. Implementation
  3. Case Studies

I will teach about 1 hour live each day in the Facebook group and there will be exercises each day to help you build your blueprint.

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