23-Forty Habits of a Thinking Coach with Akrura Prabhu

In this second part of our interview with Akrura Prabhu, we talk about the 40 Habits of a Thinking Coach.

We hear…

  • What a coach or thinking partner should stay focused on…
  • How the 40 habits will be beneficial for devotees…
  • How to react when a devotee comes to you and asks for help…
  • How to create a better environment for your thinking…
  • How devotees can build their confidence in Krishna…
  • What are the three things that he recommends for devotees…


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Our action brings results.
The better our thinking is the better our results will be in the areas of:
– Sadhana
– Service
– Relationships
– Diet
– Finances
If you would you like to improve the quality of your thinking, action and results, contact Akrura dasa to schedule a free session:
Email: gitaseva108@gmail.com
Facebook: Gita Seva

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Listen to Episode 22 with Akrura Prabhu here

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