22- Ten Principles of Thinking Partnerships with Akrura Prabhu

In this week’s podcast episode with Akrura Prabhu, we discuss thinking partnerships – A powerful process for developing “higher thinking” which received rave reviews from devotees who recently learned about it at one of Akrura Prabhu’s workshops.

Some of the points we covered…

  • What high thinking means for devotees…
  • How a coach can help devotees improve their thinking…
  • What are the benefits of creating a thinking environment?
  • What is the structure of a thinking partnership coaching session?
  • How incisive questions are used during coaching sessions….
  • What are the 10 components of thinking partnerships?


Akrura Prabhu’s services
*Our thinking leads to action
Our action brings results
The better our thinking is the better our results will be

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