24-ISKCON Online-Chant Now Project-Pancharatna Prabhu

In this week’s episode with Pancharatna Prabhu, we listen to something that could be really helpful for you if you’re a book distributor or a preacher in any way. One of the problems in book distribution that we’ve observed is that devotees who distribute books, they’re really focused in giving the books out, but often there’s not much follow-up.

Even devotees that put in the effort to follow up, it’s really hard because you know, your focus is on distributing books and getting as many books out there as possible. It takes time and it’s a different type of energy and different types of focus to follow people up.

So what is the solution you might ask?

Listen to the interview with Pancharatna Prabhu as we discuss the Chant Now online preaching project.

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