15 Rise Up Your Life – Gitavali Devi Dasi

Rise up your life

In this episode…

  • How a French Canadian mother of a 1 year old went from idea to published book within 2 weeks… without her husband even knowing about it!
  • Her dream from Star Wars that came true when she became a devotee.
  • What her English teacher taught her that led her to Krishna consciousness.
  • The difference between goals and tasks and how they help you to get more done
  • The accelerator that gets things done… this podcast is an example.

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We interview Gitavali devi dasi, about her journey to Krishna consciousness and how she created the Rise Up Your Bhakti Life Journal.

The Rise Up Journal is designed specifically for devotees to help them organize their lives based on Krishna consciousness.

This journal contains monthly goal setting sheets and the steps to attain those goals.

Logging your habits daily; from waking and bed times to what you’re reading, hearing and how long you’re spending on your sadhana as well as exercise, japa and more.
You can write down your daily priorities and be inspired by uplifting quotes on a weekly basis.

There are 4 editions of the “Rise Up your Bhakti Life journal to cater to the different areas of the globe who follow the Vaisnava Calendar;

The Down Under version for Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.
The North American version for the USA and Canada.
The Extended European version for the UK, Europe, South Africa and Western Russia
The Indian version.

So, here it is, if you’re like me and you want to invest your time in upgrading yourself, become mindful, change your habits, and rise up to “Goodness”, then check out this project.

You can get the journal here:

You can contact Gitavali here:

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/riseupdiary/

Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkt0A3uaiaVM0HdqP5BQ_-w/videos

Email: gitavali.das@gmail.com  or  riseupyourbhaktilife@gmail.com

Podcast Interview

Hare Krishna! This is Krsnendu das back again with a special interview here for the Successful Vaisnavas podcast and today, I’ve got Gitavali devi dasi who is a  famous devotee here in New Zealand, allthough she’s originally from Canada and she’s created this amazing journal called the “Rise Up Bhakti Life Journal” so that’s what I’m going to be talking to her about today… About the journal she’s created as well as some of the ideas behind it and how those ideas can help you in your Krishna consciousness so welcome. Thanks for coming and uh agreeing to submit yourself to an interview.
Gitavali: Thank you very much for having me. It’s a pleasure to be here and to share whatever I have to share
Krsnendu: Yeah, it’s great having you here.  First of all could you just give us a little bit of background like you know where you from and how you became a devotee and got into Krishna consciousness.
Gitavali: Sure it’s a long story, but I’ll try to keep it brief. Yeah. I’m from Canada. I’m from a small town  an hour away from Montreal, and uh I grew up in a French Canadian family.
We’d go to church. I guess I kinda had a notion of of God, but not really much. You know it wasn’t really an enthusiastic event going to church. It was you know kind of uh mmm
Krsnendu: Bit of a chore?
Gitavali: Interesting bit of a chore… Duty. You know it’s like okay. We have to go. Every weekend. Oh, you know every Sunday, but then yeah after my parents did split up and then after that we kind of stopped going to church.
I think maybe they were embarrassed or something like that. I’m going a little bit personal here, but hey, yeah, that’s life.
Krsnendu: Keeping it real!
Gitavali:   A lot of people come from from families that aren’t you know together anymore, but but a lot of them are still together as well… Which is awesome… I’m sorry off the topic… Back on the topic.
I grew up there, and even after we stopped going to church. I still kind of had an inclination that there’s something bigger than me out there and Star Wars growing up had a big impact on me, and I always thought that I wanted to be a Jedi.

Krsnendu: Haha. That’s so funny!
Gitavali:  And I also thought the force is real. You know there must be something bigger out there like the force that you know surrounds us and binds the Galaxy together. And I kind of thought you know there must be more more to it than that and years went by and I went to a college where I before University. I just did a creative arts program a studying painting and drawing and film and things like that.
And I had to take an English class once. My teacher was very inspiring because she taught us how to think outside the box a little bit and introduced us to other ways of knowing and getting knowledge through other senses like subtle senses, telepathy and auras… Cool, kind of alternative ways of thinking and I thought “Wow that’s pretty cool. There’s a lot of things that we don’t really know that happen on the subtle platform.”
And so I got interested in meditation and you know different, alternative ways of of being… I guess a little bit…
And so then after that I went to University and I got interested in Buddhism a little bit and meditation, and I started a little bit of practice at a local temple in Montreal, and I really enjoyed it.
It was very peaceful. You know I kind of helped me calm me down, but it didn’t really bring me that happiness that were all looking for.
So after my University degree I finished in film animation, and so I had a Bachelor of Fine Arts.
But it wasn’t satisfying and I knew that I didn’t want to start working 9:00 to 5:00 like at it for a big corporation that would make films or whatever.
I was more of an artist type and I was also into yoga a little bit, and so I decided to go travel and to find myself a little bit because I knew that the meaning of life is not about making money and about you know just paying the mortgage and having a dog and kids….
I was 25 when I left, and I got inspired to come here, actually to New Zealand and I wanted to go Australia also because I had met this girl who was also on a bit of a journey, and we traveled together a little bit across Canada in 2001. And we’re still in contact actually and she’s into the kirtan scene as well. She is not a devotee like a Hare Krishna devotee, but she’s always been like an inspiration to  me because well she basically inspired me to come here, but she was from Auckland originally, from New Zealand and so I always thought one day. I’ll go to your country, and then yeah, it’s pretty cool,
Krsnendu: So that was the inspiration to come over here.
Gitavali: Yeah, yeah, and then yes I traveled and I bumped into devotees along the way so every time. I’d me a devotee I’d be like hey. It’s those guys again, and uh?
I something told me I go to go speak to them. I remember seeing Hriman Krishna on the streets in Auckland when I had just arrived and thinking he looks like a really cool monk. But I never went to speak to him because he’s Filipino so he kind of looked Buddhist or something.

Krsnendu: Around about when was that? What year was that?
Gitavali: That was in 2005 so I arrived in 2004 actually but in 2005 I really met… I actually met my future husband. On the street uh my future I mean my husband right now
Krsnendu: Who was then your future husband.
Gitavali: Yeah, then yeah when I met him in January 2005. He had just arrived in the country himself, and he was out on books distributing some books, and I happily took a Science of Self-Realization and gave him a good donation because I thought this is exactly what I’m looking for and.
Was on my way to the South Island of New Zealand to go travel, and when I came back up a couple of months later. Maybe that was in May so a few months had passed. I had a book, but I hadn’t read it yet, but I had made a commitment to myself that I was going to stop just thinking about being spiritual, and I was gonna start doing something about it and start hanging out with like-minded people.
And that’s when I got Om tattooed on my foot. Now, I had no idea at the time that Om should not be on a lower part of the body. I didn’t know that yet, but I just knew that I wanted to to see it, so I thought “If I put it on my foot. I’ll be able to see it, and I can still cover it up. If I don’t want anybody to see it.” You know but yeah. It’s in the pipeline. I’m actually gonna try to cover it up because I know it’s not the best. You can edit that out by the way,
Krsnendu: Oh No! That’s classic. That’s so funny.

Gitavali: Okay. Apart from that…Yeah, so that was in May, and then I bumped into another devotee whom you know well. Krsnendu it’s Nandagopa.
Krsnendu: Oh really! Wow.
Gitavali:   He was on the streets also.
Yeah, I met Nandagopa and he gave me a flyer. He tried to sell me another book, but at that time. I just thought I’ll stick with my first book which I haven’t read yet, but I was interested in the Loft so I went to the Loft and I had a great evening doing yoga, and the meal. And I was so impressed by the food at the Loft.
I was like “Wow! This is the most amazing meal!” And I had actually been vegetarian… Kind of a part-time not so strict vegetarian but it kind of gave me the impetus to fully dive into the nectar of vegetarianism. Which I didn’t really know is prasadam at that time, but after speaking to the yoga teacher, Dina Dayala devi dasi. She as there teaching and I sat down with her for dinner, and she totally awesomely inspired me to go to Wellington to the the center in Wellington because I told her Auckland’s another big city I don’t want to stay in Auckland. I didn’t come to New Zealand just to be in another city, which is all pretty similar those cities… And so I thought Wellington’s got a bit of a character, and it sounds like a cool place to settle for the winter because by that time is mid-May or something that was starting to get a bit colder.
So I listened to… Something inside of me said “Now listen to her! She knows what she’s talking about and you can finally be a little bit more spiritual, and you know hang out with like-minded people.” So as soon as I…  I think I hitchhiked a ride down to Wellington. I also had been in a bit of a relationship with a guy which… that ended… It wasn’t really a serious relationship. But I jind of cut off that tie to just go start fresh in Wellington.

As soon as I arrived, I kind of needed some a job because I was running low on funds, but after I found a job, I straight went to Gaura Yoga at the time, which is now Bhakti Lounge in Wellington, and I had such a great experience, and I met some wonderful people… Made some friendships right from the beginning. And I got introduced to the manager who was at the time Vishnu Maya. And she helped me get myself together, and I started reading Bhagavad-gita, I started chanting and within a short time. I moved into the ashram and the rest is history basically
Krsnendu: Wow.
Gitavali: Yeah. Of course I had to go back home after a couple of months because my Visa was expiring, but I was so determined that I had found my meaning for my life after coming to Krishna Consciousness.
I was really convinced. I was 26 by then so I was like okay. I’ve tasted everything that’s… you know… available out there. I’m ready to take a leap and take a jump into something fresh and enlivening and I felt very inspired.
Krsnendu: That’s cool.
Gitavali: So I came back.
Krsnendu: Yeah, cool.  And then after you came back like what did you do… Obviously got married at some stage, and you’ve got your little Balai now
Gitavali: Yeah. He’s two and half now my little guy, but yeah, I decided to take some time off of relationships in the beginning just to help myself to just kind of get to know about Krishna, and you know to get more settled in my Krishna, Consciousness because I just knew I wasn’t ready for a long-term commitment just yet.
So I took some… I took a couple of years and because I couldn’t stay In New Zealand eternally. I just had a visitor Visa so I ended up in Melbourne at the temple there, and I absolutely loved my experience living at the Melbourne Temple, and I stayed there for nine months and after that I came back to New Zealand.
I was kind of ready to settle down. And so I was introduced to Bhadrasena again for and yeah, he was available I was available, and yeah… it worked out. Well. Yeah,
Krsnendu: Cool. So the thought that comes to my mind is that life is a little bit different when you’re single like living in an ashram and then compared to when you get married especially once you start to have kids… right?
Gitavali: Yeah!
Krsnendu:  And so I was just thinking like what was the impetus for you to… you know create this journal that you’ve got. And I’m curious to hear about your experience. You know like saying when you are living in the ashram as a single person compared to now when you’ve got a child, and you know how that might connect with the journal that you’ve created.
Gitavali: Sure, well basically even before I was a devotee I used to use journals. Just to kind of gather my thoughts and write down my priorities for the day and things like that, but the journals are found out there… Diaries um I found that they were quite kind of just bland and not really inspirational and back in 2015. I think it was when I was pregnant with my son. I got a journal that was a gratitude diary, and I really loved it because it had some inspirational quotes in there and a little space for every day. You could write down something you’re grateful for and I really enjoyed using it, and I felt inspired, but at the same time. I was like. “Oh, there’s I wish there was something for devotees like this, and I wish I could be able to log down like my Japa and what I am reading at the moment and exercise.” I was like looking out there just for you know regular journals or diaries out there, but nothing was quite like that so I decided…
Well… I’ll use my creative skills and and I’ll start my own.
So that was back in 2016… So basically. I had this dream for a long time to like kind of create something cool for devotees. And then I kept on pushing it like oh, maybe next year. I’ll do it or maybe maybe in you know in the future, but then I realized if I keep thinking like that like one day… one day… well,  I’ll be dead by the time I actually sit down and do it. I’ve got to do it now!
So in December 2016 I sat down with a friend of mine, and I was like “Look I’ve got this project on my mind… Should I do it?”
And she’s like, “Yeah go for it! Go for it!”
And so just by talking about it. I decided to make it happen so that was December 1st 2016 and then by mid-December I had a whole manuscript.
Basically within two weeks, I wrote down a whole layout for a book and and I did it at the local printers, and I got 50 copies printed. And then I just sold them to my friends around. And at the very end of the year, we usually have like a festival called the Recharge Festival for devotees and so they easily just went out the door, and I sold them all by January 1st. And I was like “Yay! I did it!”

And I was able to use that the whole year, and I felt inspired and then through last year… for this year for the Rise Up I made it a lot better because I spent more time. I spent about two months on it. Just create something even better because the first version was more of a trial and had a lot of flaws. It wasn’t quite laid out the way I really wanted it to be laid out, but it was kind of a rough version. I just quickly got out the door and this one here. which maybe we could post it picture for.
Krsnendu: Sure. I’m gonna set up a page. It’s going to be http://SuccessfulVaisnavas.com/riseup We’ll have a picture of the journal so people can see what it looks like. On the outside and on the inside because it’s it’s beautifully laid out and the cover picture’s really awesome.
Did you paint it yourself?
Gitavali: Yeah, yeah, I thought I studied Fine Arts. I might as well use a little bit of the my my knowledge that I have about painting, and yeah, I had a lot of fun. Actually. I just really enjoyed doing that
Krsnendu: It’s quite different from the one that did the first year like the design is quite different.
There’s some elements that are the same. And be interesting hopefully we can get a picture of the old one as well, and then we can put them side-by-side see the see the progression.

Yeah, no problem. Yeah. That’s for sure. I I really enjoyed this year’s one I put  a lot more time into it, but I’m really happy with the results and I’ve had a lot of feedback like positive feedback already from even senior senior vaisnavas.
One of whom is Vimala mataji who has just told me recently how she’s just been really inspired, and she’s been able to accomplish a lot more things because of her Rise Up journal, and I’m really happy about that. I’m really happy because it’s helping others because originally I just thought I’ll just make it for me.
I wasn’t thinking of like a business idea, but somehow it’s slowly growing and. Um yeah, we’ll see where it goes for the future.
Krsnendu: I mean have you got any ideas you know sort of expand the Beyond just you know the bucket self.
Gitavali: Well. A dream of mine would be to maybe incorporate it in like a kind of life coaching program to help either devotees with their own kind of life material and spiritual life. And so I’m planning to do a training course in the next year to train my…  to be trained as a life coach, and then the journal could be used as a tool to be able to incorporate… You know regulating your habits, incorporating a bit of gratitude and and so and so on.
Krsnendu: Yeah, that sounds really great because you’ve got this book here. You know what happens a lot of times those people they get a book, and they don’t always use it to its full extent so if you can have some sort of coaching that goes along with it that you know kind of connects people, reminds them about it, and you know keeps them using it it makes it even more powerful.
And I’ve noticed that in the front that you’ve already included a few sort of organizational tips or not sure what else you would say but some sort of advice on how to take advantage of this book and some general ideas so

Gitavali: Yes.
Krsnendu: Just having a quick look through at the moment and here. It’s mentioning just about japa and reading there’s different elements that all devotees  look to develop and you’ve just given some advice about how you can use the books specifically in those areas
Gitavali: Yes
Krsnendu: And also yeah, I mean it’s amazing. You know we were working on this together a little bit, and it’s amazing like the one I’m looking at is called the Down Under Edition and you’ve actually you’ve actually put the dates for Australia, New Zealand and Fiji in it, so…
Gitavali: Yes,
Krsnendu: You know when someone buys the book. They don’t have to like add the dates, but they’re already included in the book. You know which is…
Gitavali: Yeah, the whole Vaisnava calendar for location is accurate for Australia, New Zealand and Fiji as well, and then I’ve got four editions basically, so I’ve got the North American Edition, which probably also includes South America, but I yeah, just thought I’ll keep it simple and the North American version.
And then there’s the European Edition. It is called the Extended European Edition because it’s not just Europe. It’s also the UK and all the way to South Africa and Russia as well, so there’s all the Ekadasi and Vaisnava calendar times and dates for those countries, and then there’s the Indian Edition as well,
Krsnendu: Wow! That’s far out. That must have been quite a lot of work.
I’m just amazed how much you can accomplish in a short time… Like you know you said that you started this book the first time and in two weeks you published it.
I’m like… I mean I have helped like for example, Jaya Sila and Vimala. They’ve got their Relationship Rescue Remedy book, and it took us months or probably more than a year… Just to publish that book!
And for you to do it in this time… Of course, it’s a different type of book… but still just looking at the time and effot you’ve put in… I’m amazed how much you were able to do in such a short time.
Gitavali: Somehow I would do it when I had a little bit of time where… after Balai would go to sleep… I would take like an hour.
So I it was a bit of a marathon. I definitely put more energy into that project than anything else and my sadhana went down little bit but I felt like well if I can just give it a bit of a push, then after that my sadhana will improve because of the book and all… yeah… kind of catch up.
Krsnendu: I guess that’s a good testament to your process and your book. You know that you’re able to achieve something like this in such a short space of time. You’ve obviously got something going right there
Gitavali: Thank you.
Krsnendu: And so. Yeah, I mean if you can coach other devotees in some of the things that you know that would be a really great service so many devotees.
One thing I just wanted to bring out as well looking in this book is you talked about your portable japa mala. That’s quite a unique concept I thought. Could you just tell us about that.
Gitavali: Yeah well, I just thought let’s add a bit of artwork at the back, and why not put japa beads and why not 108 so wherever you are if you have your book, you might as well… You know you can chant on the beads.
It’s more of a decorative thing, but at the same time sometimes we forget our bead bag, and we don’t… You know some people don’t like to use clickers or sometimes people they do, but if the batteries are dead or whatever and you’re in trouble, and you need to chant…Well at least if you’ve got your book… your Rise Up… You can chant anywhere you go.
Krsnendu: So you just put your finger on the bead, or your thumb whatever and just move along each time
Gitavali: Yes just follow it around yeah,
Krsnendu: Yeah that’s really cool. Yeah now I’ve also noticed just to give people a little bit of an idea about this book… that on every page you’ve got quotes, and it’s not just quotes from Prabhupada some although there’s quite a few quotes from Prabhupada but also quotes of um… Or you tell us you know who are some of the sort of people that are quoted in here. It’s quite interesting.

Gitavali: I get quite inspired by Mahatma Prabhu who’s based in Florida, but he travels a lot. Mahatma das. He’s got a lot of amazing quotes as well as Radhanath Maharaja and Sivarama Swami and  I tried to you know pick as many, but at the same time… I you know just had a limited amount of time to research quotes to add in the book and there was a few quotes actually from non devotees, but there like St. Francis of Assisi, so he’s a I believe a Catholic monk who was very… He was a vegetarian, and he’s got a few quotes in the book. Let me find one. I think I
Krsnendu:  I think I saw one near the front if I remember.
Gitavali: I think there’s about two or three quotes of his in here.
Krsnendu: I can see quotes from Bhakti Tirtha Swami as well to do with community building and it’s quite a diverse collection of quotes, which is quite… It’s quite nice because it just gives each page…
It doesn’t blur away. It’s always something new so you actually read it. You knwo what I mean
Gitavali: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Krsnendu: gives you something to think about each each day.
Gitavali: Yeah, it was just something to keep yourselves motivated and inspired in what we’re doing and uh yeah?

Krsnendu: Yeah quotes from Bhaktivinoda Thakur… All kinds of interesting things in here.
So. Yeah, thanks for telling us about the book, your journal, and you know how you came across this and some of your plans. As far as the journal like I imagine that it’s gone so well this year. I guess we’re looking to promote it again at the end of the year and create the next model 2019 version
Gitavali: yeah, yeah.
Krsnendu: People can be listening to this interview at any time. It could be a few years in the future. So you know we’re talkin about the 2018 addition right now, but when they listen to it could be the 2023 version
Gitavali: Yeah, that’s true.
Krsnendu: But in any case they can always go to https://successfulvaisnavas.com/riseup and we’ll just keep the  information updated as the new books come out.
Gitavali: Sure
Krsnendu: And I’ll also let everyone know who’s on the email list for this podcast when the new edition comes out that they can get the links to buy it.
Gitavali: Yeah, yeah these this book. Well. The Rise Up Journal is available on Amazon, and there’s four different versions so you can pick.
Uh it’s not too late to get one. You know. There’s still time. There’s still eight and a bit
Krsnendu: Still 3 full quarters left.
Gitavali: Yeah, yeah. So why not try it out… At the same time. Yeah, I have actually some copies right here in New Zealand so if you live locally or Australia. I can happily send you a copy just I’ll just charge for the shipping, and that’s it so free copy I’m happy to give away.
Krsnendu: Wow that’s awesome. Now, just before we sign off I just wanted to ask you… It just occured to me now like… You’ve had this project and there must have been challenges along the way like what was some of the biggest challenges that you faced in trying to complete a project like this.
Gitavali: Um I guess uh time.Uh you know busy mum of a toddler um yeah, and also just. Um maybe a little concerned with what other people might think or you know my husband is always trying to keep me on the target of reading and hearing, and you know my own Krishna Consciousness.
So I at first I was afraid that he’d think that I’m going off course, but now he appreciates my work, and he’s got his own copy. But in the beginning, I think I was a bit scared of “oh no, what is he gonna think?” and I actually did the first version ever that I did, I did it behind his back, so he had no idea. I was doing it because I was so afraid I was like “Maybe he won’t really want me to do this”  but in the end. Yeah, I surprised him, and he was like “Wow you’ve done all this?” And and yeah he was pleasantly surprised so yeah.
So that was the biggest challenge, I think yeah,
Krsnendu: I was also noticing like when I was working with you at some stage is quite a lot of decisions to make when you do things like that you can do it this way or that way… That can also be quite a challenge.
Gitavali: Yeah, that’s true yeah, and where to print it. Um yeah things like that for sure yeah.
Krsnendu: Was there anything else that you wanted to add you know about. I’m the book that I might have  asked you about or you know any other points.
Gitavali: I forgot to mention about goal setting and setting goals, but guess yeah one of the features of the Rise Up Journal is that you can set some goals for the month so every month you can sit like a few there’s quite a few bubbles on the page where you can fill it out.
Simple goals… it doesn’t have to be a big goal. Just like I don’t know what like whatever. Let’s say tidy my cupboard so. Then the next page. Uh you can write down your goal and separate it into tasks so action points and and then give yourself some deadlines, so then the goal becomes really achievable, and you can see it uh?
Krsnendu: So the goal is kind of like the outcome that you want at the end, and then the tasks are the sort of small things that you need to do on the way in order to get to the final goal.
Gitavali: yeah, yeah, action points like steps to achieve the goal
Krsnendu: yeah
Gitavali: yeah.
Krsnendu: it’s called. Yeah. I mean there’s a lot more in this book about you know how to use it and things that’s hard to express through a podcast, but like you mentioned before the idea of if I’m doing some coaching.
That would be such a really helpful thing. You know that will help people to get the maximum out of the book, so I’m looking forward to that.
Gitavali: No problem.
Krsnendu: Yeah, cool. Well, as I mentioned. We’ll put a page up on the podcast. Thank you for agreeing to do this interview like this Successful Vaisnavas podcast has been like dormant for years actually and so it seems appropriate that our first episode after starting the podcast again would be Rise Up.
It’s like…  come back out of your sleep. You know Jiv jago.
Gitavali: Yeah. That’s right. Wonderful. I’m quite happy to be a part of this project of yours Krsnendu, and um yeah Rise Up everyone!
Krsnendu: Thanks a lot, and I look forward to hearing more feedback about the book and also seeing what you are 2019 edition will be like. This one’s really awesome, and I just know that you’ve been improving it all the time, so it’s it’s really great.
Gitavali: Oh, and the 2019 version will be available way before January 1st,  and I’m gonna have a proper website as well
Krsnendu: Yeah, we’ll keep everything updated on on the page successful forward slash rise up and with that. All the best and have a good time with your little Balai today,
Gitavali: Thank you very much.
Krsnendu: Thanks a lot for providing this amazing service for the devotees and helping us to get organized and keep our focus.
Gitavali: Yeah, no problem. It’s a pleasure. Thank you.
Just as we ended the interview Gitavali and myself we started to discuss a little bit further, and I thought it would be interesting for you to hear that part of the conversation. Um just gives a little bit more insight about our how to get things done so here. We are here it is.
Krsnendu: Thanks a lot for doing that. It’s great to feel like..  like for myself. I feel like I’m getting the momentum back again towards actually doing my project.  Like you said you think about things all the time, but you have to do it sometimes.
Gitavali: Yeah, yeah, or else it just stays in your mind, and you don’t get anything done.
Krsnendu: Yeah, and especially like when you have a like a real hard deadline. I think this is probably something that would have inspired you too because you know that right, it’s a journal and it starts on the 1st of January and you have the idea in the first of December which freaks me out, but anyway within two weeks you did it because you know I have to do it before the end of the year because you know that’s when it has to be done by right
Gitavali: yeah exactly
Krsnendu: So for me I’m thinking like “Okay. Well this journal 1/4 of the years. Gone by already.” Which is okay. It’s still got two thirds of it. I mean 3/4 of it. My maths is not good but you know what I mean… Three quarters of the Year  still to go. So there’s still heaps of value in it still, and you know I’m going to the Sacred Sounds festival in a couple of weeks, so I’m thinking that if I can get this podcast out before I go there… It’ll make it a lot easier to you know distribute the book because people will probably come to me and say “Oh I heard..”  I hope… They’ll say… “Hey. I heard the podcast and I heard about that Journal. I’m Keen to get one”… You know so.
Gitavali: Yeah It will be some… There’s at least 20 books going next. Next door… to Australia to the Sacred Sounds Festival. So yeah at least 20, and hopefully more.
I’m just gonna see what I can manage um yeah to transfer over
Krsnendu: So that’s giving me a bit of impetus… you know like a bit of a deadline. I got to get this up by at least by then. Yeah, and then we can get the ball rolling again. So thanks for giving me a bit of incentive that way.

Gitavali: You can do it!
Yeah, just use that goal-setting sheets and it’ll it’ll help.
Krsnendu: Yeah, that’s true.
Just break it  down into the steps and.
Gitavali: yeah.
Krsnendu: Yeah, thanks. Awesome. All right. I’ll sign out of here, and I’ll let you know once its posted and everything you can go and check out the page and see that it  looks all good and get it out there, and hopefully that’ll inspire a bit of interest.


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