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SV31-Becoming Your Devotee – Krishna Conscious Activities for Kids with Gourangi Gandharvika

Gourangi Gandharvika is a second generation devotee from Mayapur who has created the most amazing activity book for children. In this episode we cover: what inspired her to create the book what it was like growing up in Mayapur how a team of young devotees helped her create the book the challenges she faced publishing […]

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SV-30-Entrepreneurship in Krishna consciousness with Ajita Prabhu (Avelo Roy)

In this episode we interview Ajita Prabhu (Avelo Roy) a very successful devotee entrepreneur. He shares his story and the place for entrepreneurship in the Hare Krishna movement. Correction: Ajita Prabhu is initiated by Romapada Swami For ideas for how you can generate more income in a way that supports Krishna consciousness go to […]

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