26 – Boiling the Milk

This episode, I’m going solo talking about boiling the milk. The basic concept here is the importance of taking care of devotees and training them.

Looking after the devotees we have rather than just going out and making new devotees.

Some of the key points I talk about:

8:32 What does boiling the milk mean?

9:03 Where does the expression come from?

9:54 What do we need to focus on?

11:44 “Better to remain as a guest?”

13:22 How should we speak when we preach?

13:55 Are your actions matching what you say?

14:42 How to help devotees think for themselves.

15:47 What are devotees needs?

17:17 How things have changed… new challenges.

20:18 When the real (SB) Srimad Bhagavatam class starts…

21:27 The problem with FB discussions

23:13 Essential factor in future success of our movement.

24:47 Making more devotees in the bedroom

27:08 What about outreach?

27:58 A healthy church

29:30 KC humanitarianism

31:05 “Circle of Awesomeness” the best marketing

32:01 Moons not stars

32:24 Ripe Mango strategy

34:55 Philosophy & Lifestyle

35:55 How to boil the milk?

36:49 Practical lifestyle training

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