Move it – Turn on your brain

Looks like dancing in kirtan might help you concentrate in class, in your japa, and in your work. (See the infographic below.)

Studies show that aerobic exercise not only makes you feel better and concentrate better, it might even slow down the aging process in the brain.

Aerobic exercise is the when you move the major muscles in your body like your legs and your arms causing your heart to beat faster and take in more oxygen. To get benefit,  it is recommended to do aerobic exercise for at least 20 mins (about the time it takes for a full arati)

As well as dancing, brisk walking (japa walk anyone?) and swimming are good forms of aerobic exercise. Srila Prabhupada showed by his example with his daily morning walks exercise is good for devotees. Don’t just sit behind your desk all day get up and move. And for a really good dose of exercise go out on Harinama – Chant and dance in the streets – Save the world and save your brain. =>:-)

Exercise and the Brain

Benefits for the Brain from Exercise

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