05 Urmila Devi Dasi – Learn to Read Books – Part One

In this episode we will hear part one of a two-part interview series with Urmila Devi Dasi, where she describes how she created an amazing series of 83 Krishna conscious books designed to help children learn to read. And how she did it in only 3 years!

Urmila Devi Dasi

This is the first interview ever recorded for Successful Vaisnavas.
It is great to finally release it (even if it did take a whole year!)

Lessons to learn from this interview:

  • Giving up dependancy on external arrangements
  • How Krishna reciprocates when we fully depend on Him
  • Getting started even though we have no idea how things will work out
  • How to get into flow working for Krishna
  • The importance of deadlines

To learn more about Urmila Devi Dasi visit her website: http://urmila.me.uk

To find out more about her Learn to Read books visit: http://www.learntoreadenglish.co.uk/


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For the rest of the story and to learn more about Urmila Devi Dasi and how she published so many books…

 Click this link to read on:

06-Urmila Devi Dasi  – Learn to Read Part 2

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