06 Urmila Devi Dasi – Learn to Read Books – Part Two

urmilaDid you miss the first part of the interview?
Click here: Urmila Part One

At the end of the first part of the interview we were hearing how the Learn to Read books project was facing major challenges. Urmila was feeling stuck and unsure of how to proceed.

In this part we will hear how by asking one question to an expert the whole project got back on track and how one thing after another miraculously fell into place allowing the successful completion of all the books.

Continue listening to hear some very profound realizations about working for Krishna without attachment for results and the amazing reciprocation that Krishna provided.

To learn more about the wonderful books described in this interview visit: http://www.learntoreadenglish.co.uk/

The ipad version can also be purchased at


Learn to Read

For another version of the story of how these books were produced.

Click this link:


Art of Work – Dr Best Learn to Read

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